May 27, 2020

From foundations to handover: A Woodall home story

From foundations to handover: A Woodall home story

“Seeing our house on its whole journey from start to finish was so exciting.”

The process of moving home can be a stressful and strenuous experience. However, Laura and Ben – proud owners of a four-bed Lindisfarne home at our The Croft site in Calow – were so swept up in the excitement of their new home journey that they decided to document it themselves on social media – give their account @our_family_home_journey a follow!

Laura took the time to speak to us about the experience of purchasing and moving into a Woodall home – a journey which, as it turns out, could barely have been smoother.

Have a read of part one of Laura and Ben’s new home journey.

What prompted you to move home – and how did you decide where to move to?

Laura, 29, and Ben, 25, had both lived in the Chesterfield area since birth, and so naturally had good knowledge of the community. They moved into their Woodall home in Calow in November 2017, but how they arrived at the decision to move surprised even them.

“Before we bought our new Woodall home we had nearly finished renovating our old house,” Laura explained.

“We had just the bathroom to do. At the time, there were two different new housing developments near us and we went to look around a couple of show homes for a bit of cheeky bathroom inspiration.

“Little did we know that this would put us on the road to buying a new build family home, enabling us to move up the property ladder.”

Laura and Ben had previously viewed three other show homes before they first came across Woodall Homes when driving through Calow village itself. The sales board of our soon-to-be-developed site, The Croft, prompted a bit of online research, which culminated with the couple visiting our sales office at our Sterry Farm location in Clowne – not far from Laura and Ben’s home at the time.

“We were now looking for a four-bed family home so we wouldn’t be moving again in the near future,” said Laura.

“Our new house had to tick a fair few boxes, as this would be the house we would be bringing up our future children.

“When we got to the Clowne development, we were greeted by Adele, then Sales Manager for Woodall Homes. We were given lots of information on The Croft at Calow – and we’d got there just in time, as all of the site’s four-bedroom homes had been Early Bird reserved apart from one – Plot 1, The Lindisfarne.

“We really wanted to gain a proper feel for The Lindisfarne before making a decision. After we loved our tour of the smaller – but still very impressive – Show Home at Sterry Farm, we were told that if we liked that particular Show Home, we’d be blown away by The Lindisfarne – which was even bigger and more spacious.

“The Lindisfarne Show Home at Calow unfortunately wasn’t quite finished – however, within minutes, a couple of calls had been made and we’d been given special permission to go and have a look a look around, once it was confirmed as safe for us to do so.

“From there, we headed over to The Croft and were greeted by the Site Manager, Mark. He happily showed us round, and we were blown away by the whole layout of the house – particularly the kitchen. You know it’s right for you when you can imagine yourself not just living there but cooking there, too!

“There was so much space everywhere, even the finer details caught our eyes like the stunning chrome window handles and full floor-to-ceiling tiles in the upstairs bathroom – both of which were included as standard, something that most developers do not do.

“Price-wise, for a four-bed family it was really good – so after Ben and I had a discussion about it over lunch, we went straight back up to the Woodall Homes sales office and reserved our new build family home, just like that.”

It didn’t take long to make up your mind, then! It must have been amazing being able to see your future home take shape?

Seeing our house on its whole journey, from start to finish, was so exciting,” said Laura.

“From the first layer of bricks going down on the spot where our home-to-be would one day stand, to the final touches of putting plants in ready to see them grow, just like our family home one day will. It was such a lovely feeling. It’s amazing just knowing that one day that area, that house will be the place where we will make so many memories.

“We were very lucky that we could track our new build on its journey and that Woodall allowed us to have sneak peeks of the inside as well, when was safe to do so.”



A huge part of moving home is location – what do you make of the area you chose?

“The location of our home is perfect for us,” said Laura.

“It’s close to both our places of work, close to both sides of the family, close to Chesterfield town centre and also a short drive away from getting on motorway.

“We also love that we have a lot of greenery around us and there’s a very good community spirit in Calow.”


A huge thanks to Laura and Ben for their lovely insight into their incredible new home journey – be sure to check out part two of their story on our website soon, as they get the keys to their new family home.

And don’t forget to give them a follow on Instagram: @our_family_home_journey.

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