December 15, 2021

Getting Ready for Christmas Part Four: Entertaining Guests

Getting Ready for Christmas Part Four: Entertaining Guests

Whether you have family over at Christmas or just friends, thinking about what you will do for entertainment ahead of time will ensure that the day is full of fun activities suitable for all ages.

Watching a Christmas film is always an easy and traditional option, just choose a selection of your favourite Christmas movies, and cosy up on the sofa with a hot chocolate (or mulled wine).

If you invite all your friends over to celebrate this Christmas, or just the adult family members, then having a great drink selection at the ready is always a good idea. Show off your best wine glasses with a bar trolley. The Bronx Wooden Bar Trolley from Next would look fantastic in any dining room and will be great to use all year round, not just during the festive period.

If you’re looking for games you can enjoy with all the members of your family; we have you covered.

Waterstones always has a brilliant range of games, perfect for giving gifts or enjoying with family and friends, and we have picked out our top three for Christmas 2021.

If you are still sitting around the table, chatting or having a few drinks, an easy option to get everyone involved is After Dinner Trivia Cards.

We have also found a few family-friendly games that the kids can get excited about. The Emoji Card Game, features similar gameplay to Happy Families, and you must ‘race to get a full hand of Emojis, with a few fun twists throw in’.

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition is another alternative, a ‘brand-new game written in consultation with child development experts and play-tested with thousands of families’, an excellent option for the whole family to get involved in.

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