December 1, 2021

Getting Ready for Christmas Part One: Tidying Your Home

Getting Ready for Christmas Part One: Tidying Your Home

Getting ready for Christmas Part One: Tidying your home


Christmas is the perfect time to tidy your home. Whether you have guests to stay, visit, or just your household, it is the perfect time to get your Woodall home looking tidy and organised. So, when the big day comes around, you can sit back and relax.


Tackling one room at a time is the best option. Removing any items you know you don’t need is great to help create more space for guests. Once you add any Christmas decorations, it can be easy for your rooms to feel cluttered quickly, and even though this isn’t always a bad thing, having organised clutter is the best option!


An organised and clean kitchen will benefit you once you start to prepare your Christmas dinner. Just remember – it’s ok for your home to get messy and disorganised on Christmas Day! There’s no stopping the empty plates from piling up and the leftover wrapping paper lying around, so remember to relax on the day and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.


When it comes to decorating your home, planning out one colour scheme or theme is a great place to start, and you can always switch this up in each room if you have multiple ideas. Keep all your decorations in separate boxes based on what room they are in, and this will save you time and help avoid any chaos when it’s time to start decorating.


Once the festive period is over, you may be left with lots of waste, old decorations, or you may have decided to have a complete switch up of your interior. Whatever is leftover – make sure nothing gets wasted or chucked away that could be recycled. Take a day out after Christmas Day to tidy up and sort out what needs recycling or, if anything, can be reused, re-gifted or taken to your local charities, shelters, or charity shops to be re-homed.

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