April 6, 2020

Make your house a Woodall home with our top DIY tips

Make your house a Woodall home with our top DIY tips

There’s never been a better time to make the most of the space we live in.

With resources – and trips out – in short supply, you could be forgiven for feeling a little stuck for ideas. However, don’t be disheartened – there are plenty of ways to make the most of what you already have available, and plenty of ways to make your house truly your own Woodall home!

Make the most of space

It seems needless to say, but we’ll say it anyway: make your home as big as it possibly can be. It’ll help your productivity if you’re working from home and keep you from feeling cramped if you’re home schooling.

Keep kitchen units and table tops as clear as possible; there’s never been a better time to have a much-needed clear-out! It also helps you maintain vital high standards of hygiene and reduces the number of objects which could draw the attention of a child you’ve taken your eye off for a millisecond!

Create that home office environment

Working from home can be a blessing, but it can very quickly become monotonous and repetitive. That’s why it’s important to set up your home office as far removed from your home leisure environment as possible.

Dedicate part of a room (or a full room if you can) to a work environment and stick to it – working from your bed is strictly forbidden!

Outdoor breakout zones

All Woodall homes feature private landscaped gardens – phew! There’s never been a better time to turn your garden into a space you can truly be proud of – and somewhere you can spend hours relaxing outdoors.

A lockdown clear-out is very satisfying, but make sure you keep hold of items which could help you design your perfect improvised garden. Egg cartons can be used as indoor seedling containers; vinegar, salt and dregs of washing up liquid can double as weed killer. Old coffee filter paper can work as container drainage; or cut down on single-use plastic by turning empty water bottles into underground drip-feeders!

Quantity and quality: the culinary middle ground

Sport is cancelled. Shopping is cancelled. Socialising face-to-face is cancelled. What else can we do to occupy ourselves?

For many, cooking and baking has been the answer! It’s incredibly tempting to over-purchase on food but all you do is increase the risk of wasting it and of running out of storage space.

Thankfully, there is a middle ground. To vary your diet as much as possible and avoid having leftover Bolognese five days running, look for common or overlapping ingredients. Meal plan like a boss – and enjoy cooking your food. With less time spent on commuting comes more time to spend getting creative in the kitchen. Plus, have a bit of fun and improvise towards the end of the week – Ready Steady Cook-style – with whatever is left in your fridge!

If you want to learn more on the upgrades included as standard all Woodall homes – including landscaped gardens, high-spec kitchens with NEFF appliances and more, visit http://woodallhomes.co.uk/approach/specifications/ or give us a call on 07871 183 990.

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