September 27, 2022

Q&A with SimplyMalvi

Q&A with SimplyMalvi

We recently spoke to Malvi, one of our buyers, to find out more about her experience buying her forever home with Woodall Homes

Malvi runs an Instagram page for her home, showcasing the stunning styling throughout her property, including some beautiful seasonal décor. We have included some of the fantastic stylings from her page @simplymalvi throughout this Q&A!

Why did you choose to buy with Woodall Homes?

When we started searching for our dream house, we were not sure what our expectations were. Once you dive deeper into your searches – after looking at different floor plans, room sizes, locations of properties, visiting show homes, reading online reviews etc., then you realise what you are truly after.

We knew from the beginning that we wished to find our forever home, so we wanted our decision to be thoughtful and thorough. Once we knew what our minimum expectations for our future house were, one of Woodall Homes’ houses and developments managed to tick all the most important boxes. The home we chose is situated in an extremely convenient location. We are surrounded by countryside with the Peak District on the doorstep, and we love the house layout.

Moreover, an element of flexibility from Woodall Homes played a significant role in our purchasing decision. We previously lived a five-hour journey from the build site and the only time when we could see the site together or visit the sales office to make important decisions regarding finishes etc. was on Sundays Woodall Homes always found a solution to accommodate our needs and make it possible for us to purchase our dream home within expected timeframe.

Dave and Fiona always went above and beyond from day one.

Why did you choose the Wycombe house type?

We decided to buy Wycombe simply because of its floor plan and integrated garage aspect and we liked its pragmatic design with some added storage space.

We love practical and efficient spaces and Woodall Homes approved our small alternations to their design so we could create an even better flow throughout the house. The positions of the rooms, their relationship to each other and finally appropriate room sizes make this house style practical family home.

What is your favourite feature of your home?

It depends on who you ask!
The most appreciated feature for me is the kitchen window and garden shape. For a very long time I dreamt about having a large kitchen window over the sink, perfectly in the middle, overlooking the garden. I visualised myself washing my mug and admiring growing plants, herbs and trees while sunlight streams in. It just makes the kitchen feel airy, bright, and fresh.

I assume you can guess what’s the favourite aspect of our space for my other half – the integrated garage. Regardless of the weather, we can get there and back as many times as we need without a need to leave our house. It’s extremely convenient for working on DIY projects over the winter months.


Do you have any tips for buying a new build home?

Yes, do your research, especially if you commit to long-term decisions.
Read lots of reviews about all local developers so you know what you need to ask for. It’s a big decision and it’s not just about selecting colours and designs of kitchen cabinets and floors -although that’s the most exciting part! You can change always change the aesthetics of your home or upgrade at any time in the future.

In all these, don’t be afraid to think big! Things which may feel impossible when you start looking for a new build property become your reality once you put a lot of belief, effort, and time into your searches. Don’t settle for less and don’t be discouraged after initial failures. There is a perfect home for you somewhere, it may just not be built yet!


What is your home styling inspiration, and do you have any favourite interior trends?

It’s a very difficult question for me as I feel so undefined in that area. I am still in the process of discovering my own favourite interior styles. When we moved in, I did not have much idea of what I wanted our home to look like inside. All I knew was that I did not want it to have the same style as our previous property which was modern but had a lot of dark natural wood accents with contrasting white walls.

For this one, I wanted to feel even more airy and bright, modern, and classic at the same time and much more neutral in general. My home styling inspiration would meet somewhere between neutral, modern, sleek, warm Scandinavian decor and a modern American-style farmhouse with lots of white and very subtle neutral shades.


I love nature, neutrals, and simplicity. These three aspects would define my interior style. I don’t really follow any interior trends as they change too often. I love interior styles which have a staying power and are extremely practical and simple at the same time. My aim is to create a timeless and simple space which will not feel outdated in a few years, and I believe it’s possible but requires a lot of careful planning.


What’s your favourite season to style for and why?

That’s another tricky question for me as each season has its own beauty. I feel deeply connected to nature and all seasons are perfect movements in harmony with each other. I am excited to style home each time a new season approaches.
However, when I think about the autumn and winter months with Christmas time, there is just so much cosiness about them both that my heart becomes full of comfort and joy. Warm oversized blankets, hand-made unique huge mugs with hot drinks, a cat on your lap, the sound of the fireplace, and crispy walks make me feel at home.


I am always excited about bringing nature home and adding all Earth’s colours to interior designs. It’s like having a neutral canvas and adding a little splash of colours to it. Autumn is my special time for interior styling as it’s a time of orange, yellow and red tree branches in vases, colourful wreaths made of what you brought from long walks and pumpkins everywhere. You don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your home for this season, compared to Xmas. You can go outdoors and bring unique autumn decor to your cosy space instead.

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