August 23, 2023

Woodall Loves: Feel at home this summer!

Woodall Loves: Feel at home this summer!

This summer, we are embracing what it really means to feel ‘at home’ with cosy, neutral interiors putting comfort back at the heart of your home. 

Comfortcore is an emerging interior trend focused on how your home makes you feel, rather than purely focused on appearance. Homes decorated in this style frequently centre around furniture pieces with soft appearances like this Layabout Sofa Squidger from Loaf, paired with lots of natural colours and textures.

Varying textures is a clever way to add visual interest to a room without using overwhelming patterns or colours with accents of linen, wood, rattan and stone all adding to the formation of a serene space. Light fittings are a simple way to make a change to a space and add new textures. The Espiral Rattan Pendant Lampshade from Oliver Bonas is one example of a simple decor piece that could add dimension to your room. 

Comforting pieces in your home should extend beyond just your furniture. The Orkney Loop Pile Rug from John Lewis is an excellent addition for living rooms and bedrooms alike with its soft feel and light pattern. Hand-tufted, this rug could be a beautiful addition to warm your living room floor.  

When we think about creating peaceful spaces, keeping your rooms organised is key. Finding the perfect storage solution to match your decor can be difficult, but we think that this Wooden Cabinet from Søstrene Green is an excellent option for homes embracing neutral interiors. Made from 100% FSC-certified pinewood, the cabinet brings a natural warmth to any space. 

However, it’s not just the visuals and textures of a room that complete a space, but how it smells. The inviting scent of the Black Pepper and Bergamot Candle from Neom at Selfridges could be the dream finishing touch to your relaxing space.

We have a passion for home interiors here at Woodall Homes, so if you are preparing to move into your brand-new property, why not speak to our expert team and let us help you visualise what you could create in your living space. 

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