September 2, 2020

Woodall Loves: Top Five Instagram Home Trends

Woodall Loves: Top Five Instagram Home Trends

In our latest edition of Woodall Loves, we have chosen the current top five Instagram home trends. Keep on reading to find out which trends have taken the top spots…

Gallery walls

The art of combining a selection of prints to use as a feature wall in any given room. Hallways, living rooms and kitchens have all been overhauled on Instagram to include this trend, injecting personality into previously featureless rooms. Choose from a range of print styles such as quotes and graphics to create a bespoke gallery wall, tailored to your specific taste.

Top tip: keep previous prints in the back of the frame so they can easily be changed to suit your mood and style.


Wood panelling was all the rage back in the mid-20th century, before falling out of favour in the decades after. But, thanks to Instagram, it is back in fashion; the variations in the style of panelling you can choose for your home is perhaps what makes it so popular. Whether you choose to panel half a wall or go floor to ceiling, it will bring a sense of traditional yet contemporary style to your home.

Top tip: use MDF to panel your walls instead of wood for a more budget-friendly option.



There seems to be a growing love for more natural home accessories during 2020, and rattan is certainly one of them. The weaved material fits in perfectly with a neutral aesthetic and can add texture with simple accessories such as a rattan lampshade, or make a bigger statement with larger items such as chairs, tables and even beds.

Top tip: regularly buff rattan items with a dust cloth to keep them looking their best.

Floating shelves

Don’t fear, this trend isn’t referring to casting spells on your homeware. Instead, it is a simplistic style of shelving without showing off the fittings required to keep them on the wall. Dress your floating shelves with baskets for storing those fiddly items, or show off your favourite candles and ornaments.

Top tip: less is more… filling shelves with lots of items can make your home look cluttered.


Made by knotting fabrics, macramé has taken the interiors world by storm and has replaced the previous tapestry trends. Larger designs can be used as focal points in rooms to add texture, with smaller designs adding to a room as an accessory.

Top tip: have a go at macramé yourself, it can be far more rewarding having your own art displayed in your home.

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