January 26, 2021

Your home, your space

Your home, your space

We’re sure we don’t need to remind you that we are currently spending more time than ever at home. Home has become a space for working, exercising, baking, home-schooling…you name it; it’s all happening under one roof! As a result, many people are struggling to switch off and relax at the end of a long day.

We want to help you make your home a calm oasis where you can take your mind elsewhere. Keep on reading for our recommendations…

• We all need somewhere comfortable to sit, right? Sink into this Layabout Sofa Squidger from Loaf, a foam-filled piece of luxury designed to provide the greatest level of comfort whilst you watch your latest Netflix series.

• The lighting we have in our homes can easily influence our moods. Get cosy in the evening and switch on this Tripod Floor Lamp from Next, guaranteed to bring a warm ambience to your lounge.

• Fill your home with calming aromas courtesy of the Wellbeing Pod from Neom Organics. This easy-to-use essential oil diffuser helps you to emulate a spa within your own home, boosting your mood and allowing you to wind down.

• Although we can’t be with them right now, it’s lovely to have photos of our loved ones to look at around our home. The Diment photo frame from Made is sure to fit all of your favourite memories, and filling the frame is sure to keep you busy.

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