April 1, 2022

New build means greener living

New build means greener living

There are so many fantastic reasons to purchase a new build home, but have you considered how buying a more efficient property could hugely benefit you in the future?

Home efficiency not only includes energy usage, but incorporates sustainable drainage solutions, water consumption, and even new home technology like smart heating controls.

Last week it was announced that VAT on energy-saving home devices will be reduced to zero, meaning it is now cheaper than ever to have solar panels, insulation and heat pumps installed at your property!

All these devices can further help the sustainability of your home, and with the current rise in energy prices, having a more efficient home will undoubtedly save you money in the long term.

Recently, the House Builder’s Federation published a report outlining how owners of new build homes save an average of £435 a year on their utility bills in comparison to owners of older properties.

At Woodall Homes, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact each of our developments has on the surrounding area and the people within it. All our homes are designed with energy-saving and sustainability in mind, to encourage the formation of safe and pleasant communities.

Our new homes are built with specialist materials to maximise efficiency, and smart meters are pre-installed in every property to ensure our homebuyers have the tools they need to effectively monitor their own energy usage.

For more information on our current developments, get in touch with our team on 01246 575744.

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