January 17, 2023

Save Money On Your Energy Bills At The Shrubberies

Save Money On Your Energy Bills At The Shrubberies

It is well known that new build homes are typically more energy efficient than older properties. Now at Woodall Homes, we have taken energy efficiency to the next level with the installation of the Wondrwall system in all of our bungalows at The Shrubberies.

Wondrwall allows each bungalow at The Shrubberies to learn from your habitation patterns with smart technology to make your energy use as efficient as possible. Motion, temperature, light and audio sensors all help to adapt your heating and lighting patterns, all of which can reduce your energy consumption for heating by 50%. Combined with solar panels and battery storage, the Wondrwall system aims to make your home net zero in terms of electricity use.

The financial rewards of having an energy-efficient home are significant. Over the long term, buying a home at The Shrubberies could save you thousands of pounds, as the installed Wondrwall system could reduce your energy bills by up to 90%. For the average household, this equals approximately £1040. In October last year, a YouGov survey revealed that 85% of people in the UK had already made cuts to spending, or expected to do so shortly. Since October, the cost of living has continued to rise and so a cut of up to 90% on energy bills could make a huge difference to many households.

Built for the future, The Shrubberies development is just a five-minute walk from Chesterfield town centre, ideal for all of your leisure and retail needs. The luxury bungalows offer generous two and three-bedroom accommodation with flexible living space, plus off-street parking and generous gardens. When you are ready to escape to the countryside, Linacre Reservoir and the Peak District.

For more information on the plots still available at The Shrubberies, plus the property specifications, visit the development page here: https://woodallhomes.co.uk/developments/the-shrubberies/


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