April 26, 2024

Woodall Loves – A Dash of Contrast this Spring

Woodall Loves – A Dash of Contrast this Spring

Spring has arrived! The season may have inspired you to don the rubber gloves and break out the duster, but it also offers a great opportunity to spruce up your interior or discover a bolder style. The brighter months bring a range of decor trends to dive into and contrary to the recent popularity of minimalism, spring relies on vibrant colours and statement patterns with retro vibes at heart.

Here are our four favourite statement trends for spring 2024.

Colourful contrasts

Our favourite trend of spring 2024 is all about vibrant colours. With a focus on peaches, pinks, yellows, reds and greens, you can bring the rainbow into your home. Be bold and show your personality, whilst transforming your interior in seconds with high-contrast colourful cushions, throws, lamps and interior details. We love this blush throw from Dunelm to add a pop of colour to your bed or sofa. 

Throwback features

This year has seen the resurgence of retro vibes in interior design. The nostalgic designs and colour palettes of the 70s, 80s and 90s are making a comeback and feature in quirky furniture and statement pieces. Breaking the rules of minimalism, a retro-influenced interior can give your home a personalised feel. Pieces like the White Ebba Storage Console from Urban Outfitters are perfect if you want to add a bold feel to your home while still embracing utility and adding storage space.

Strong patterns

Chunky stripes and checks are also “in” this season – these bold patterns allow you to showcase your personality throughout your home. You may choose a single statement pattern to create contrast with minimal decor or mix a few of your favourite patterns to give a patchwork, cluttercore feel to your home. Adding cushions, like the Parkgröe from Ikea, throughout your living spaces is a popular way to add in more variety using both patterns and colour.

Personalised Minimalism

With spring focussing on the brash and playful, it presents an opportunity to expand on minimalistic interiors. Whilst keeping a consistent monochrome decor, different shapes, materials and a definitive accent colour, such as black, can introduce a creative contrast to your home. Light fittings are often overlooked as a design element in homes, but they offer plenty of potential to add interesting textures and shapes to a space. For example, the Vento hanging light is a fantastic choice to add character to a room. 
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