January 11, 2024

Woodall Loves – Quiet Luxury for 2024

Woodall Loves – Quiet Luxury for 2024

When buying a new build property, thinking about how to decorate the interior can be a challenge, particularly if this is your first home. Interior trends are a fantastic place to start with gathering inspiration when first planning out your spaces. One of the trends we saw emerge towards the end of last year was quiet luxury. This trend is all about investing in quality pieces of furniture, premium materials and simple colours.  

Below we have collated our top picks for high-quality pieces of furniture that we feel are essentials in any home and can be used as the base for a huge range of interior design styles, including quiet luxury. 

Bagsie Sofa & Love Seat from Loaf 

Loaf’s own versions of a classic Chesterfield, the Bagsie Sofa and Love Seat are beautifully designed and made from the highest quality materials including 100% solid oak for the legs. Available with a huge range of fabric options to choose from, the Bagsie range is the perfect choice for adding a traditional look to your room while fitting in your chosen colour scheme. 

We love the Clever Wobbly Cotton in Whipped Cream, which is also a fantastic spill-resistant fabric. 

Gallery Direct Ridge Round Wall Mirror from John Lewis 

Ideal for your living room or a large bathroom, this gold-framed mirror will help you create depth in your room while adding a touch of luxury. Designed to hang on the wall with D-ring fittings, this mirror is a fantastic accent for your space, will help break up block colours on large walls and is a staple for most homes.

Chester Pure White Low & Wide Chest from Cotswold Company 

Practical storage is key to creating a clean and tidy living space. Whether you want to add storage in your living room or bedroom, this chest from the Cotswold Company could be the perfect solution. Neutrally finished with the option of oak veneer or metal handles included, this set of drawers offers an excellent solution to keeping clutter out of sight and gives you space to add decorative items like lamps and family photos. 

Morris & Co. Pure Willow Boughs Natural Tufted Rug from Ruggable 

Rugs are a fantastic way to pull together the overall styling of a room. The Willow Boughs rug from Ruggable is a great example of how to add an intricate pattern to a room without overwhelming your space. This beautiful rug is also practical for high-traffic areas, especially for families with children and pets as it is water-resistant, stain-resistant and fully machine washable.

For more inspiration on how to decorate your new home, visit our latest show home at Churchfields. Book a show home tour with our team today by calling 07871 183 990 or 01246 575744. 

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